Wednesday, April 22, 2009

First steps

I promise this will not become a “wedding-blog”, where I talk of nothing else but all the preparations that lead to the big event. God, I hate those myself. But just to warn you: from time to time, it will come up. Please indulge me.

The dress. After quite some hours on the web, I came up with 3 dresses that I really, really like. Conveniently, all from the same designer, and all in the same shop, which is like 100 metres from our place. Today, I decided to enter the shop. Part of me still wondering “What am I doing here?”. ..
First question: “When is the wedding going to be Madame?”
Me: “Ummm, hmm, somewhere after the summer, I think....
Followed by a very French answer: “Oh-la-la” – “then you have to hurry! It takes about six months to make the dress – it is made to measure, in our ateliers in Paris”. And apparently I also have to make an appointment if I want to try any dresses on.I walked out of the store with the first twitches of dress-stress, immediately calling P: “Help, I already have to choose a dress, like..quickly!”

Next, I walked along one of the venues we have in mind for the Big Day. I stood in front of the building, and the first thing I thought was: “Nope, not everyone will fit in”. Right, that’s me, N, who always insisted on having a SMALL wedding.

Then I entered a department store and tried on some of those cheap rings that look like an engagement ring – I stood there, just looking at my hand, for about five minutes (I hope no one was observing me).

So you see, I’m taking small steps to convince myself that this is really happening. That I’m marrying the love of my life (wow, did I just write that?!).

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