Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shake & jump

Bikini-season is rapidly approaching – and I want to be able to breath again when wearing jeans. So after stuffing myself with Easter eggs for the past 10 days, today I finally managed to kick myself all the way to the gym. Where my membership seemed to be expired. Great. But I was determined, and after some negotiation (and some cash, of course), I was allowed to start burning some calories.

To be completely honest though, I already started my new work-out season a few days ago. After entering almost every toy store in the city, I finally found what I needed: a hula-hoop! Ok, laugh all you want, but I can tell you this: my abs are hurting, big time. And after 5 minutes I’m more out of breath than after a half hour- run. Beside the hula-hoop, I bought a bright pink skipping rope – also used daily in our living room or on our terrace.

Did I already mention that my hula is all the colours of the rainbow and has sparkling glitters on it?

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Anonymous said...

On the Wii Fit hula-hooping is under the aerobics section. I love it. Also, apparently it helps to "set" your pelvis, which is good for posture and well... healthy pelvic stuff. :)