Monday, April 6, 2009

Teaching: the sequel

Maybe you’re wondering what happened after my interview at the language school, now two weeks ago. Or maybe not….Whatever.
They said they were going to call me to sit in on a few lessons the week after. I waited until Thursday. No call. So I called myself, still driven by the same guts that made me walk into the school, and walk out with an interview. It worked again: I could follow a group lesson of Dutch, which was this morning.

After the lesson ( which motivated me even more), I spoke briefly with the pedagocical advisor (the Nervous Guy from my first interview). He confirmed that…”I could teach at their school if it was ok for me, that I really didn’t need to worry: they were in NEED of good teachers. If I didn’t get another phone call right away, it didn’t mean that they’d forgotten about me (oops, had I been too pushy?). It was simply a bit slow due to the Easter holidays.”
Ok, I got the message: I’m in :-), sort of. Not really “in”, as this is freelance-business, and so it’s basically my decision if I want to work with them…Hmm, I still have to get used to this, but I like it!
That they are the “wanting party” here became even more obvious as Nervous Guy continued: “I will try to find you a good, nice student – so that it’s easier for you. Someone who already has a good level – not like the beginners you saw today. Not a group for the first time. Maybe someone who needs to prepare a job interview? That subject shouldn’t give you too much preparation work; it will be more like a conversation lesson”. All I could think was: “stop being so nice! I want to teach! The sooner the better! Just give me anyone!” But I held my horses – I’ve showed them enough pushiness – time to show some patience now. And wait until the test-lesson is being scheduled.

I feel truly happy with this, even if I still think it all sounds too good to be true. Choose when I work, how much I work, around the corner, nice people, …I mean: really??! It’s almost as every wish is coming true (job-wise, that is), as if all the pieces of the puzzle are falling into the right place. Or how teaching once again proves to be the red line / life-saver (see last year).

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