Friday, April 17, 2009

The black spots

You know, I don’t walk around 24/7 smiling. So this post is dedicated to everything that’s going WRONG at this very moment in my life. Just so that you can relax, and feel safe that I haven’t become one of those people who’s living a perfect life.
Oh, and before I start ranting: this doesn’t mean I’m not grateful for everything that is going RIGHT ...

The Ireland spot
I’m really, really fed up with P being in Ireland. 3 minutes per day on the phone is just not doing it. Yesterday I tried to call him around midnight, and he was still unable to answer because he was in a meeting. (no, I’m not being naive: he really was in a meeting)
The family spot
After my parents went through the cancer-ordeal, they’ve not been given any rest. First my grandmother ended up in hospital for heart surgery. Now my grandfather is really doing bad, so bad it can be any day now. Instead of feeling sad, I feel sort of angry. Angry ‘cause my parents don’t deserve this after all they’ve been through. They should be able to enjoy their lives now, not spending it again in hospitals.
The perfect people spot
I’m sure you know the kind: never had any real relationship trouble, married their first boyfriend after a very romantic proposal, now effortlessly pregnant of second child, and home-owners. Parents healthy, and oh: also perfectly happy with their jobs. I can’t stand them anymore. Keep them far away from me, or accidents will happen.
The weight spot
Our stupid “intelligent” scales refuse to recognise me. Just because I gained 1 kilo.
The baby spot
All those new mothers complaining on Facebook about their lack of sleep. Quit it. You have a baby. Be happy with it.
The neighbours spot
Beavis and Butthead are still at it. I’m making up all kinds of evil plans to quiet them down. Like taking the water hose and pointing it at their little roof terrace.
The job spot
If the language school hasn’t called me back by next week, I will be hugely disappointed. For the moment I still believe in it though. Positive thinking (ahum, right)
The financial spot
I’ve been spending a lot of money lately (trips, car, etc). So basically I only see money going out, and not any coming in. It’s starting to get slightly worrying.
The not-mentioned-yet spot
If P doesn’t stop hitting the brakes along every little step of the way, I’m going to end up crazy. I want to believe in it now, I want to move on. I want things to get real and concrete. Not once again weeks and weeks of thinking, analyzing, comparing, keeping my mouth shut, etc. F*ck, there’s only so much patience a girl can have.
The garage spot
I’m so fed up with people parking their car in front of our garage. Can’t they read?Are they blind? Maybe I have to become a bully, and instead of going on a tour of the neighbouring restaurants and offices, just call the police straight away.
The weather spot
It’s been raining non-stop for two whole days and nights now. Enough is enough.

And with that last one, I think I also did enough of complaining. Felt kind of good, I must admit. Time to move on with my day now. Where’s my hula-hoop?

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Jill "The Duchess" said...


With my own crazy schedule the past month I haven't been able to keep up with anything outside my "world." My father-in-law (technically ex-father-in-law, but that sounds wierd) passed away yesterday morning about 4am. It's been tough on A (the wasband) but I have to say that overall it was a very peaceful and calm experience. With his passing we've just been spending a lot of time at home. I had a chance today to catch up and one of the first things I did was catch up on your blog. First, I'm so sorry to hear about your grandfather. I certainly understand this exact ordeal and I know how hard it is so I offer you so many blessings and kind wishes (and to your parents and family too). And second, I think I said this before, but congrats on your upcoming wedding. You are definately NOT Bride-zilla, so don't worry about writing about your wedding plan progression. We all love to hear what is happening with you and P (and your lovely pet) so please keep letting us know how it goes.

Sending you all my best wishes and loving what you have to share!!


The Duchess