Wednesday, April 29, 2009

On the other side of town

With me getting desperate ‘cause the language school still hasn’t called back, my future mother-in-law decided to take matters in her own hands. And so the word that I’m a language teacher is spreading through the Brussels’ expat-community. If I wanted, I could be teaching teenagers extra Dutch or English lessons every single week night – but I’ve pushed the brakes a little bit (“no, I’m not sending my cv to the complete mothers-mailing-list of one of the poshest schools in town”).
Anyway, today I’ve started teaching again, and I realized – once more – how much I love it. So far three kids of one French family have to put up with my enthusiasm on a weekly basis. There’s cute A, a 10 year old girl, and then there are A and T, the twin boys of 13 – trying to be cool, but actually cute as well. Home alone with the nanny, while mom and dad were still out working. Living in a huge house in one of the more expensive parts of town. Smiling at me ‘cause they actually had fun while doing one of their most hated subjects at school.
This won’t pay my bills – or my new wardrobe – but I didn’t feel so good while “working” for a very, very long time. So maybe I’ll make P’s mom happy, and take on one more evening-duty :-)

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