Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Little escape

Monday morning I jumped on a train to the Belgian coast, visiting my parents who are staying in De Haan for one week. I spent all the spring breaks of my childhood in this little seaside town – and I should probably mention here that this is a typically Belgian thing to do: every family always goes to the same town on our North Sea coast. You never change. If your parents always went to, let’s say Knokke, you keep going to Knokke. And so do your kids. Don’t ask me why – that’s just the way it is.
Back to my little get-away. I did everything that you are supposed to do at the coast: make a very long beach walk, eat waffles, eat shrimps and fresh fish, get soaking wet from (un)expected rain, and collect sea shells. I enjoyed every minute of it.
A very relaxed N returned to Brussels this afternoon, realizing once again that a good dose of nature can do wonders. Or how a shrimp can be as good as a shrink.

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