Sunday, April 26, 2009

An excel (-lent) wedding!

(I promised I wouldn’t write about the wedding preparations all the time, but ok, please, just once more...)

After a bit of a slow start, P is starting to enjoy this – even taking initiatives! There’s a reason. And it’s called “Excel”. That’s right, he discovered he can use one of his favourite toys to work on a state-of-the-art guest list, with, if I’ve seen it right, formulas and all. Obviously, the meaning and logic behind all this is not as straightforward to me as it is to him, but I’m doing my best. And this is just a list with names. I already fear the lists with numbers – that are inevitably on their way. Better get my "Excel for Dummies" from the shelf if I want to keep up with him.
P: “So you see, that’s why we have to calculate the attendance-probability”
Me: “Umm, uh-hu, sure (*what the hell is he talkin’ about?*).

Honestly though: I really like it when he takes charge of things. It makes me feel safe, and I know it’s the perfect completion for all my wild dreaming, impatience and impulsive decision-making (which are also needed, and valuable, by the way). The day we’ll walk down the aisle, we’ll have our dreams come true, and the excel-sheets to prove they’re real ;-) !

However, don't be surprised if our wedding cake ends up looking like this:


Anonymous said...

As long as he doesn't design the dress with PowerPoint, you should be fine...

res i(p)sa said...

Oooh, cool, game theory applied to wedding planning! (yes, I am a geek, too)