Saturday, April 25, 2009

A bit of both

The last week has been one of mixed emotions. In my mailbox congratulations for the engagement and condolences for the loss of my grandfather follow eachoher up. One day I’m looking at engagement rings, the next day I’m helping choose the coffin. A friend invites us to go out for some champagne this evening, to celebrate – but doing this on the day it’s the church ceremony for my grandfather just feels wrong.

Taking a look at my dairy from last year, I see that the same thing took place. Exactly one year ago, we heard that my mom had cancer. What followed was a crazy double-life between Belgium and France.
19-23 Mai: “big” chemo mom – stay in Belgium
23 Mai : evening – drive to Fonty
24 Mai : Summerball
2-6 June : other chemo mom – stay home
7 june : drive to Fonty
7 june : Montmelian Ball
And so on, and so on......

Frankly, leafing through that little booklet again, I really don’t know how I managed to keep it up, month after month...

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